Mi situación profesional


Mi situación profesional
After a month of changes inside of my club, I have decided to answer all the questions I have been receiving lately on my social network profiles.

The biggest change in the club that I have suffered directly is that my team has a new coach. After a year and a half with our last coach, Raúl Longhi, the club has decided that it was appropriate for its reserve team to have new fresh atmosphere and it was time to change the manager.

My feelings are that the new coach, Manuel Márquez, is very different from the last one, and so far has been good for the team, as he has brought more intensity to the team. Now we look at the season from another perspective and it is actually looking good.

In short term, my team’s goal is to get a win this next Sunday against Binisalem (we had a draw against them in the first leg) and I hope to be able to contribute to help the team and get the 3 points we need.

Apart from my team, in the club there has been other changes with the 1st team coach also. The first team changed its coach too. Javier Aguirre is now in charge and things have changed a lot since he came. The first team is now playing better and they started drawing games. The team is slowly regaining confidence and now they are back on winning. I think they were fantastic against Bilbao!! I hope it will be the same with Espanyol B.

I’d like to mention some of my teammates that I think are doing great in my team. Edgar Badia, the goalkeeper, playing for Spain; Nacho Heras, right back who comes from Atlético de Madrid and has a Copa del Rey medal; and finally Fran Miranda, a great midfielder that, in my opinion, is one of the most important players of the team.

Those 3 players have influenced a lot since I came to Barcelona. From my perspective, I think that having this kind of players, our team is able to perform well and get better results now that we have new vision of the season with our new coach. I’ll keep on working hard and giving the best of me to help the team to follow a winning track.”