Winners of the Catalan Federation Cup!


Winners of the Catalan Federation Cup!
Since the season started, the team has been focused in achieving two things, the first one, to reach a position as high as possible in the league table and the second, to get through the final rounds of the Federations Cup.

At this point of the season, we are on a good path, I would say on a great path as the team has been winning the Cup matches one after another. The semifinals against AE Prat, which we won 5-4 on aggregate, was a tough one. Then the final against Llagostera came, playing away the first leg of the final, which we won 2-3.
Then the second round came and the team kept playing at a high level. The result of the second leg was 2-1 in our favor and the team finally won the Catalan phase of the Federations Cup.

By being champions of the catalan phase, we are now able to get through to the next round of the Cup, the national phase. Such a big challenge for us, as we will play against the champions from different regions of Spain.

On the other hand, the league has been up and down, and the team has not been consistent, but we are not obsessed with it as this year the team is very young. We still have to find the balance between the two competitions, we want to keep doing as good as we have been in the Cup, but we need to improve our form in the league.

I’m sure the team will do well this season as we have plenty of talented players in the squad and a great bunch of guys.

On a personal level, I am happy to have helped the team to win the final of the Federations Cup and I hope to continue playing well in the cup and also to keep performing well for the team in the league.