Sarrià Neighbourhood, Sarria Stadium, RCD Espanyol’s original home


Sarrià  Neighbourhood,  Sarria Stadium, RCD  Espanyol’s original home
No game this weekend. As I had plenty of free time, I felt like visiting any area of Barcelona I had not visited before. My friends took me to Sarrià, a neighbourhood of Barcelona which I have been hearing about since I started to play for RCD Espanyol.

Sarrià is the neighbourhood whithin Barcelona, home to the riginal RCD Espanyol's stadium for more than 70 years. The old stadium, called “Estadi de Sarrià”, was demolished in the 90s as the club was forced to sell the stadium.

When we went to the area where the stadium was placed, it was nice to see that now, what originally was the pitch of the stadium, lies a large green park and, what before were the stands of the stadium, stand buildings around the park expecting Espanyol fans memories of their old stadium.

Here is a picture of me right in the center of what it used to be the pitch of stadium, where you can read: “This ground hosted the football stadium of RCD Espanyol from 1923 until 1997”.

Sarrià is a neighbourhood similar to a small, quiet town full of stories about RCD Espanyol. We strolled around while my friends explained some of those stories that made me realize how strong the feelings of Espanyol supporters "pericos", are.

We finished the day eating in a nearby old restaurant where the fans used to go before the game, famous for its delicious “patatas bravas”.