Proud of my team


Proud of my team
I just want to say how proud I am of my team and the great job our new coach and his whole coaching staff are doing. The improvement of the team since Manolo Márquez arrived has been huge, and it all is reflected on the positive results we have recieved lately.

This week's win meant that it was a back to back win for us now by beating UE Sant Andreu who are a historical club here in Catalonia so the victory was of great value to us.
From the 2nd minute we scored and it looked like it was going to be a easy time for us with RDCE controlling possession creating several chances in the first half but being able to convert these into goals. A second goal for us would have sealed victory but our rivals came back to equalise in the 2nd half only for Kilian to seal the victory in the 86th minute finally. The goal and victory was important as it means we continue to rise up the table currently in 9th on 39 points on chasing teams like Villareal B and Nastic de Terrango. Our next match is now even more important as we play Llagotera who are just three points below us so we can open up a gap with them by winning this game.

Apart from my team, RCD Espanyol has other good news within the club with the first team also doing well since Aguirre came. They have climbed up on table week after week and now are well placed away from the relegation zone with the first team finding itself close to achieve their objective of the season. I’m so happy for them, they deserve it!
Personally, I am feeling even happier than a few weeks ago. I can feel that the mood inside of the club has improved, and everything is running smoothly now.
I keep on training as hard as I can, and I feel comfortable when I jump on the pitch and play for my team.
Apart from that all, the winter has passed here in Barcelona, and the weather is getting hotter! ;) A great place to live in! The best football, nice food and perfect weather! ;) I recommend you all to come here and enjoy this city!