My personal life


Arthur, like most modern professional athletes, takes his diet seriously. Breakfast is usually chicken, eggs and toast which sets him up for morning training. Lunch again is usually a light meal prior to afternoon training while he usually has an early dinner - unlike most of the population of Spain which likes to eat late. All his meals are designed to provide the right nutritional balance and Arthur adds: “I eat fairly simply – usually chicken, fish and pasta – and my evening meal is usually something I can heat up when I get in from training in the evening."

Arthur is studying at the ESEI International Business School where he's learning e-commerce and business management. Since Arthur lives in Spain he has been improving his Spanish language skills – “You couldn’t do training without knowing Spanish” – and he’s confident talking in restaurants or shops and with his club mates.
Arthur usually doesn't have much time for anything else but football. He stays in a lot and watches videos or plays FIFA. "I really enjoy Extras and The Office while I also like watching a motivational and religious speaker Joel Osteen. He’s got a great take on how you should live your life" says Arthur.

“I also watch a lot of football, mainly the Spanish league these days and it’s amazing to think I’m on the verge of playing against some of those players.”